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Zygor Guide Honest Review

If you are a fan of the World of Warcraft games, then you would love to have a guide that will help you to easily gain levels in the WoW game to explore new levels. One of the best selling WoW leveling guides that you can find on the internet is the Zygor Guides. There have been many WoW enthusiasts who have used the Zygor guides to level up and to earn easy points while playing the WoW games. These guides are available in many languages and for alliance and horde. They can be used by no vie to advanced as well as professional WoW players to improve their gaming skills and  you can load and view the guide when you are inside the game. The Zygor Guides have been in use since 2007 and there have been many guides that have been brought out to help WoW leveling for the game enthusiasts.

What The Guide Offers?

The Zygor Guide was created by John Cook and is one of the most popular guides that help in WoW games leveling. This guide was developed to offer in game guidance to WoW players and many of the people who have used this guide have vouched that it is the best guide that offers step by step instruction on leveling up for all factions in the game, be it race or class. There is much hype about this guide on the internet and Zygor Guides definitely lives up to the reputation that it has on the internet. The Zygor Guide system is not just meant for beginners of the WoW game, but it also offers useful tips and guidance to top players. The guide has also complied with the new add on policies and regulations that have been bought into the game. All you got to do is to download and install the Zygor guides on your computer and you can follow the information shared in the guide when you are inside the game. The guide will shoot instructions on where you will have to go inside the game at all times. There is also directional key that comes up on the screen that will point you in the right direction that you need to go in the game.

Play WoW Levels Easily

Zygor Guides for leveling can help you to reach from level 1 to level 80 in just a matter of 7 days. By using this guide, you will be able to quickly and correctly complete each and every level of WoW game. The guide is completely automated and hence you need not have to waste your energy by clicking on the next quest. Everything happens automatically and once you complete a level, it gets automatically updated. The waypoints are also set automatically. The Zygor guides can be used from any level, even in the mid level. All you have to do is to go through the quests and pick any one quest that you would like to try your luck out and the guide will automatically do the rest for you.

How The Guide Works?    

The Zygor Guide will show up as a small, resizable window on your main screen and hence you will not need to switch screens to seek the help of the guide. All the details you need to complete each and every quest is given in neat PDF form or in the website or in the game main map as well, if you feel like switching back and forth. You also get all details needed to complete a quest in the small window that shows up on the main screen. Zygor guide will show you the correct and the best path to take to complete each and every quest level in the least possible time and this way you can save a lot of your time when you play WoW games. Once you have finished the quest, the Zygor guide will automatically move on to the next level. You also have the option of moving the waypoint and the small guide screen on the main screen to anywhere you want to and they can also be placed independently from each other. The guide window also can be made to disappear from the main screen at any time and also made to reappear on the screen when you want to.

Automation, The Best Part

The best part and the most interesting feature that has driven more and more people choose Zygor Guides while playing WoW games is its automated feature. You need not have to switch from game to guide and vice versa, or move to the next quest. You just complete a quest and the guide will take you to the next quest automatically. You need not set waypoints manually as everything is set up for you automatically which includes the time to target and the distance. You do not have to remember where you had last singed off as the guide will remember everything for you. You can come back to the WoW game after a week to ten days and you can start playing the game right from where you had logged off. The Zygor guides work perfectly and help you save a lot of your time completing each quest up to 95 levels. Even better feature is that the guide will be able to detect if you had gotten ahead of the guide using rested EXP or heirloom items and will start automatically by skipping the quest chains you do not need any more. The customer support offered by Zygor guides is also very good and you can get many bonuses, extra features and a pack of goodies when you buy the Zygor guides.

Final Verdict  

John Cook’s Zygor Guide is a WoW leveling guide that gives you everything that you wanted. It will help you to easily scale up WoW levels within no time and be a complete guide for you whenever you play the WoW games. The Zygor Guides are aimed at novice and intermediate WoW players.

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